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Dr. Pieter Lagaay

Boards Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon, ABFAS

Dr. Pieter Lagaay is a proud San Francisco Bay Area native who grew up in Berkeley. He continues to live in Bay Area with a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful children that who are the joy of his life.


Dr. Lagaay attended Temple University and completed one of the most prestigious his residency programs in the country (Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Bay Area Foot and Ankle Residency Program). Subsequently he completed an AO orthopedic trauma fellowship in Dresden, Germany as well as a Clubfoot fellowship at the University of Iowa.
After completing his fellowships Dr. Lagaay was in practice at Kaiser Permanente as a surgeon specializing in complex foot and ankle trauma, sports medicine and pediatric clubfoot deformity for 10 years. Since then he has been in private practice serving the Bay Area. Currently Dr. Lagaay serves on staff as a lecturer for the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Osteosynthesis as well as being a peer review editor for the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.


Dr. Lagaay firmly believes that patient care should be honest. Whether the symptoms are from an injury or just non improving pain, Dr. Lagaay is empathetic and committed to helping those with his highly trained background. Furthermore he understands that the burden of cost for medical care is something that can unfortunately be a reality. It is because of this, that Dr. Lagaay implores great emphasis on establishing the correct diagnosis right away to prevent unnecessary redundant costs to the patient. It is for this reason that Dr. Lagaay prides himself on providing his patient with his honest professional opinion because getting better should not be at the cost of wasted time and redundant costs. He looks forward to continuing to serving the Bay Area.

Please do not hesitate to call should you have any questions or want a consultation.

JaeHyun Kim

Kim, JaeHyun DPM

Board Qualified ABFAS

Dr. Kim was surgically trained in New York City rotating through several busy hospitals including; Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Richmond University Medical Center, Long Island Jewish Hospital, and Gramercy Surgical Center.

Dr. Kim is an attending physician at El Camino Hospital of Silicon Valley where he performs elective surgeries and take calls from Emergency Department at the hospital. Dr. Kim has specialized in treating major foot trauma, elective foot surgery, pediatric podiatry, podiatric dermatology and diabetic limb salvage. Dr. Kim speaks English and Korean Fluently.

Dr. Kim really believes that the best way to treat patients is by educating the patient and going through a step by step treatment. He believes in doing what is best for the patient and will always work with the patient to provide better health care.

Dr. Morgan, DPM

Boards Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon, ABFAS

Dr. Morgan is originally from northern Illinois and has a diverse background and varied interests in music performance, extreme sports and traveling. Dr. Morgan is an all around podiatrist with qualifications in all aspects of pediatric evaluation and management. This is ranging from heel pain to surgical foot and ankle reconstruction.

Dr. Morgan recently completed on of the most rigorous residency programs in the country at the University of Texas. He received advanced training in all pediatric medical and surgical modalities specializing in forefoot and rear foot reconstruction.

In his spare time Dr. Morgan enjoys surfing, distance running, cycling, skiing, sailing, chess, blues guitar, and reading about new innovations in medicine and surgery.

Biomechanics and Sports Related Injuries
Diabetic Limb Salvage and Wound Care
Complex Surgical
Reconstruction of the Foot and Ankle
Flat Foot Reconstruction
Foot and Ankle Trauma Surgery

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