What is minimal incision bunion surgery?2018-04-05T12:39:56-07:00

This a surgical procedure done in either a outpatient surgery center or hospital. The procedure is performed in a manner which utilizes techniques that do not require the traditional larger incisions. The purpose of this technique is avoid creating larger surgical skin scars and minimizing scar tissue with in the large toe joint which is the primary source for post operative stiffness. Dr. Lagaay is one of few board certified foot surgeon who does the procedure.

What’s the recovery following minimal incision bunion surgery?2018-04-05T12:39:31-07:00

The recovery varies depending on the type of the bunion procedure performed. Most patients can be weight bearing (walking in a post operative shoe or CAM boot) as tolerated immediately after surgery. The post operative shoe/CAM boot is worn for 4-6 weeks. Therapy, to prevent joint stiffness, is started as soon as the skin has healed which is typically 10-14 days after surgery.

What is the Slimline procedure?2021-01-28T12:59:51-08:00

Slimline bunion surgery is a technique to minimize the visibility of the surgical skin incision. This is done in two ways. The first is the location of the surgical incision. The skin incision is located on the inside (medial) side of the big toe joint rather than the traditional approach which on top (dorsal) of the big toe joint. The second is that the skin closure utilizes a technique in which the sutures are all under the skin (sub-cuticular).
This prevents the need for suture removal and the risk of developing visible “tracks” or dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) next to the incision where sutures entered and exited the skin.

What is the post op recovery?2018-04-05T12:34:54-07:00

This varies depending on which procedures are done. There are over ten procedure for bunionectomy. Each patient is evaluated through clinical setting and over xray. Our doctors will go over few surgical options with the patients to decide on the surgical option.

Most patients can start walking with post op shoes in two or four weeks. REDUNDANT- ALREADY STATED ABOVE.

Is bunion surgery painful?2018-04-05T12:34:08-07:00

Many patients believe that bunion surgery will be very painful experience. This should not be the case and with our experienced surgeons is typically not. Our patients are given post operative pain medication which can be either narcotic, non steroidal or homeopathic based.

The post operative pain typically lasts 3-5 days.The main factor which causes post operative pain is the reactive inflammation to the surgery. We use the latest advanced therapeutic modalities to minimize this inflammatory response which is why our patients are so comfortable following bunion surgery.

When can I go back exercising?2018-04-05T12:33:36-07:00

This depends on the type of bunion surgery that is performed and what type of activity is desired. We normally recommend patients to be avoid any form of exercise until the surgical incision has healed.
To help expedite your return to exercise activity we utilize a combination of excellent surgical technique, advanced adjunctive regenerative medicine and physical therapy. The outcome will normally allow patients to resume their exercise regime between 4-8 weeks after surgery.

Will the screws used for my bunion surgery set off metal detectors?2018-04-05T12:33:07-07:00

No. A study performed in the Foot and Ankle International journal reported that metal used for foot and ankle surgery would not be detected by standard walk through airport metal detectors.

Can I request at home post op care at home?2018-04-05T12:32:38-07:00

Our practice does provide at home post operative home care. This intended for patients who will have a difficult time coming to our offices for their post operative care.

Can I take a shower after surgery?2018-04-05T12:32:01-07:00

Yes. The surgical skin incision does need to stay dry until the skin has healed. This is because if water is able to enter the skin incision, an infection is likely to ensue. Prior to the skin incision healing, many patients utilize commercially available cast covers to prevent the bandages and skin incision from getting wet.

Which types of insurance do you accept?2018-04-05T12:31:29-07:00

We do not accept the Kaiser Permanente health plan. We do accept all other major insurances including but not limited to Blueshield of CA, Anthem Bluecross, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare.

Can both feet be operated on at the same time?2018-04-05T12:30:54-07:00

We do not recommend this because of increased pain, difficulty with ambulation and increased risk of infection. That being said, there are always extenuating circumstances in which case it can be performed successfully.

Am I too young or too old to have bunion surgery?2018-04-05T12:30:29-07:00

Bunion surgery can be performed at any age. Your surgeon will explain the risk factors but our surgeons have operated children with bunions as young as 15 up to adults in their 80’s.

I am on blood thinner, can I still get surgery?2018-04-05T12:29:58-07:00

Patient who take a blood thinner (anti coagulant) can still have bunion surgery. Wether or not you will be asked to temporarily stop taking your anti coagulant will depend on the reason you take it and how thin your blood is (INR).

11.Are there certain conditions that would prevent me from having bunion surgery?2018-04-05T12:28:45-07:00

Medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, immunocompromised patients, sickle cell anemia, and others may increase the risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss this risk with you to determine if the benefit of bunion surgery outweighs the risk of complication so that you might be still be considered for bunion surgery.

Can I do a video consultation?2018-04-05T12:25:06-07:00

Yes. Our clinic accepts clinical photographs, X-ray, MRI and all other images/documentation via our secure patient information email. We prefer to see images, rather than simply read imaging reports, if you do decide to schedule a video consultation with us. We do not do phone consultations.


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