What is minimal incision bunion surgery?


This a surgical procedure done in either a outpatient surgery center or hospital. The procedure is performed in a manner which utilizes techniques that do not require the traditional larger [...]

What is minimal incision bunion surgery?2018-04-05T12:39:56-07:00

What is the post op recovery?


This varies depending on which procedures are done. There are over ten procedure for bunionectomy. Each patient is evaluated through clinical setting and over xray. Our doctors will go over [...]

What is the post op recovery?2018-04-05T12:34:54-07:00

Is bunion surgery painful?


Many patients believe that bunion surgery will be very painful experience. This should not be the case and with our experienced surgeons is typically not. Our patients are given post [...]

Is bunion surgery painful?2018-04-05T12:34:08-07:00

When can I go back exercising?


This depends on the type of bunion surgery that is performed and what type of activity is desired. We normally recommend patients to be avoid any form of exercise until [...]

When can I go back exercising?2018-04-05T12:33:36-07:00

Can I request at home post op care at home?


Our practice does provide at home post operative home care. This intended for patients who will have a difficult time coming to our offices for their post operative care.

Can I request at home post op care at home?2018-04-05T12:32:38-07:00

Can I take a shower after surgery?


Yes. The surgical skin incision does need to stay dry until the skin has healed. This is because if water is able to enter the skin incision, an infection is [...]

Can I take a shower after surgery?2018-04-05T12:32:01-07:00

Which types of insurance do you accept?


We do not accept the Kaiser Permanente health plan. We do accept all other major insurances including but not limited to Blueshield of CA, Anthem Bluecross, Cigna, Aetna, and United [...]

Which types of insurance do you accept?2018-04-05T12:31:29-07:00


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